The General Assembly meetings take place twice per year and include representatives from each full partner of the BERENICE project. The 4th General Assembly meeting took place in Salvador de Bahía, Brasil on the 30th October 2015.

Members of BERENICE consortium about Chagas' disease, led by Dr. Israel Molina, Director of the PROSICS (International Health Program of the Catalan Health Institute), had their Fourth General Assembly on the 30th October 2015.
The meeting took place in the context of the XXIII Latin American Congress of Parasitology- FLAP in which BERENICE organized a successful symposium giving an update on the latest developments on Chagas disease.
The main objective of the meeting was to discuss with its 9 European and Latin American partners the progress of the project, which began on 1st September 2012, for a period of 5 years and which is currently in its 38th month of execution.
During the meeting, the Partners shared updates on project progress to date and discussed on how to move forward both at Work Package and Consortium levels.
The project is in a key moment to decide the final formulation to conduct Clinical Trials in humans, designed as an international multicenter Clinical Trial and which will take place in the facilities of the Hospital Vall Hebron and other sites such as Argentina, Brasil, Colombia or Guatemala. The start of the Clinical Trial is scheduled for this spring, meeting the timetable set out in the project.